GOP wants different approach to immigration bill

As the immigration debates begin again starting the week of June 3, House members must decide what kind of approach they can agree to regarding immigration reform. The bipartisan “Gang of Eight” legislation may not make the cut for conservatives, causing House members to propose a new plan of action referred to as the “piecemeal” approach. This would mean that the bill could be split up into sections, allowing members of the House and Senate to vote separately on each clause.

“No decision has been made about what we do with what’s produced by the Gang of Eight,” Chairman Bob Goodlatte , R-Va., told The Hill. “For one thing, it hasn’t been produced, therefore we don’t know how popular it will be with various members of the House, and we also don’t know what it contains or how it will work with the [committee’s] plans.”

Those who support the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” immigration reform bill said they have faith that the House will accept it despite recent criticism. They noted that the most important aspect of the bill is the equal path to citizenship, and although members of the Senate realize that the bill may require changes, they are adamant that amnesty will prevail.

“The final bill won’t be exactly what passed out of the committee,”Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., told USA Today. “The most important thing is to have a path to citizenship for the most people possible in a way that ultimately benefits and strengthens the United States of America.”

However, skeptics are still concerned with border security and think that allowing amnesty for 11 million immigrant would negatively affect the economy.

“There’s a long pathway to citizenship in the Senate bill, but the legal status is given almost immediately,” Goodlatte told The Hill. “That is the trap. That is the mistake that was made in 1986. We can’t repeat it again.”