Gov. Jerry Brown speaks out in favor of Obama’s actions

Following a meeting with officials from President Barack Obama’s administration last Friday, March 13, 2015, California Gov. Jerry Brown gave comments in favor of the president’s recent actions on the immigration issue. Largely, he spoke in strong favor of Obama’s actions, claiming that they were for the betterment of the nation as a whole, and not just that of undocumented immigrants. According to The Sacramento Bee, Gov. Brown had come to Washington to discuss the recent actions of immigration with other state leaders in favor of the reform movement. In speaking with reporters, he made clear that California will continue to advocate for the implementation of Obama’s executive orders and the halting of deportation of undocumented immigrants.

The meeting
According to multiple news sources, neither president Obama nor vice president Joe Biden were in town during the meeting. Rather, the event was held in Washington in order to allow a platform for speech on concerns stemming from a recent lawsuit brought forth by leaders from more than 25 states. According to The Washington Times, Texas and 25 other states from the union have filed a lawsuit in federal court attempting to disband Obama’s actions to halt deportation. While the lawsuit has gained the backing of a federal judge from The Lone Star State and 26 governors, it is not without it’s opposition. The Times has also reported that officials from the Obama Administration have assembled a group of high-ranking political immigration advocates, Brown among them, to ask a federal appeals court to push the orders through.

Brown on the lawsuit
In speaking with reporters, Brown was extremely frank when it came to expressing his opinions on the republican lawsuit. In speaking with the Los Angeles Times, Brown said that the republican opposition to Obama’s plan is not only unjust to the undocumented immigrants whom it would primarily affect, but also to advocates of immigration reform everywhere.

“[Republicans are] declaring war with millions of people, not just those who are undocumented, but those who sympathize with them,” said Brown.

If the lawsuit isn’t successful and the Obama Administration is able to carry out the president’s executive orders, the effects would be enormous. Among other provisions, Obama’s plan would allow qualifying undocumented immigrants amnesty from deportation for up to three years. Multiple news outlets have reported that nearly 5 million immigrants could benefit from the program as it stands.

Brown on California’s role
Brown was sure to focus many of his comments on his home state, California. He indicated that the advanced initiatives that have been put forth by the California government towards immigration reform have been successful, and that this is indicative of how Obama’s plan could work on a larger, national scale. The Washington Post reports that over 100,000 drivers licenses have already been issued to undocumented Californians and that no noticeable harm has come to the states economy as a result.