Group sues Massachusetts over green card holders’ Second Amendment rights

A run rights group has recently filed a lawsuit against the state of Massachusetts, claiming a state law that allegedly limits green card holders’ Second Amendment rights is unconstitutional.

The Second Amendment Foundation has taken up the case of Christopher M. Fletcher and Eoin M. Pryal, UK natives who now live in Massachusetts, Fox News reports. They both wanted to acquire a gun to keep in their homes for self-defense, but as green card holders and not US citizens, they allegedly had to apply for a resident alien permit, which does not allow them to own the same kind of weapons that citizens can, the suit claims.

Brent Carlton, president of Commonwealth Second Amendment Inc., another plaintiff in the case, explained that the Massachusetts law also prohibits green card holders from purchasing guns or ammunition in Massachusetts, according to the Worcester Telegram.

Ron Chen, vice dean of the Rutgers University School of Law, said that he believes the state law will be found unconstitutional.

“If they’ve been given a green card, Congress has determined that they are fit to live here forever. [The law] plays into irrational prejudice,” he explained.