Hillary Clinton speaks out against opponents of immigration reform

Hillary Clinton took some time away from her book tour this Tuesday to speak out against opponents of immigration reform. Clinton was in Chicago giving a speech to The United Fresh Produce Association and The Food Marketing Institute as part of promotion for her new book, “Hard Choices”, which was released in stores this Tuesday.

She offered strong words on the matter, stating that those who oppose reform are “scared because there is a small minority of people in public life and those they represent who don’t seem to understand one of our strongest and most important attributes is that we are still a nation of immigrants.”

Clinton, whom many believe will run for the Democratic nomination for president in 2016, was speaking at the request of Stuart Resnick, the founder of Wonderful Brands (which owns the two aforementioned food companies). Resnick made clear during his discussion that the food production and agriculture industries are typically supportive of reforming immigration policy in America. Clinton took the opportunity to express her desire for an expedited solution.

“I hope that the Congress can get around to doing it this year,” Clinton said, stating that America would be stronger if reform passed.

These remarks came just before House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s primary election loss to Dave Brat for the nomination to the House of Representatives in Virginia’s seventh district. Cantor, who struggled to take a firm stance on either side of the immigration issue but had expressed an openness to some compromised, partial solution. This was thought of by many as the best chance Democrats had at successfully negotiating reform in the GOP-led House. His likely successor, Brat, is more staunchly opposed to immigration reform, and the odds seem quite low that he will show flexibility on the issue once in office, considering the importance that his anti-immigration reform stance he has had during his campaign so far.