Homeland Security head Napolitano vows to enact new border security measurements

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano recently announced that her office will begin to use a new system to determine the efficacy of border security in the U.S.

Speaking at a Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing, Napolitano said she told the Custom and Border Patrol (CBP) to come up with new measurements of border security, according to a US Senate Press Release.

The meeting was the third in a series of committee hearings on immigration and border security.

The committee’s chairman, Senator Joe Lieberman said that he supported the move by Napolitano.

A new standard for measuring border security that will be more accurate and effective will inform the debate and allow us to set achievable security goals,” the independent from Connecticut said. “But I firmly believe that we will not be able to secure the border until we enact smart immigration reforms that address the underlying reasons that most people come here illegally: to find employment and reunite with family members.”

According to Reuters, as of January 2009 there were approximately 10.8 million people living illegally in the U.S.