House of Representatives Seek to Move Forward on Immigration Bill

Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives said if immigration reform is to move forward it must contain a pathway to U.S. citizenship for immigrants. Senator Charles Schumer from New York said now that the House has returned from recess, representatives have talked with senators to come up with plans to help the bill move through the Republican-controlled chamber, according to The New York Times.

“Without a path to citizenship, there is not going to be a bill,” Sen. Schumer told the source. “There can’t be a bill.”

Democratic aides said that other representatives from the party must also support the pathway to citizenship or else they’ll face difficulty in getting the bill passed. The Times said House Republicans also held a meeting on July 9 where they discussed their own ideas on how to move the bill forward.

A bipartisan group in the House hopes to reveal their own broad immigration plan, Representative Zoe Lofgren of California told the source. Other representatives also joined in on Sen. Schumer’s idea that a pathway to citizenship must be included on the bill.

“We hope our Republican colleagues in the House will be ready to reach across the aisle to work with us, because I don’t believe that the House of Representatives can pass any major immigration reform without Democratic support,” Representative Xavier Becerra of California told the Times. “I don’t see how Speaker Boehner and the House Republicans can pass real immigration reform that fixes the broken immigration system without Democratic votes.”

Rep. Becerra told Fox News the two sides will have to compromise if anything is to move forward. He added that the bill must also be fair in order to completely fix the nation’s broken immigration system.