Hundreds of new groups push for immigration reform

More than 630 business organizations, 154 of which are agriculture-related, recently petitioned Congress to push forward a comprehensive immigration reform bill. The American Farm Bureau is just one organization that is part of the group demanding passage of a new immigration bill this year. The Farm Bureau is especially motivated to push reform through because it is one of the largest employer of immigrant labor.

The coalition of businesses from around the country signed a letter and sent it to the leaders of the Republican Party in the House. The letter declared that all the signatories are “united in the belief that we can and must do better for our economy and country by modernizing our immigration system.” The organizations explained that if reform is carried out properly, illegal immigration could be deterred, the workforce in the U.S. could be supplemented, the changing economic need of the U.S. could be addressed, and more economic activity could occur. They also focused on the fact that immigration reform could prevent deportations, which are a threat to family unity.

Roughly 250 businesses of different sizes and industries from across the country, as well as nearly 400 business associations, bureaus, federations and chambers representing a wide range of sectors and interests, make up the list of signatories. The organizations all agreed in the letter that the current immigration system is “dysfunctional.” Reworking the laws will allow more talent into the workforce, encourage innovation and investments, motivate companies to create new products, add new businesses and jobs, and strengthen the U.S.’s presence in the global marketplace. The letter’s signatories expressed their support for Congress and used “Standards for Immigration Reform” provided by House Republicans as a guide for action this year.