Illinois Withdraws from Controversial Federal Immigration Program

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn recently expressed his intention to withdraw his state from a federal deportation program.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Quinn sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security, formally withdrawing Illinois from the Secure Communities. This program reportedly allows for the immigration status of certain suspects to be checked after they are arrested, and often leads to their deportation.

Quinn said that many of those who have been deported from Illinois have only been guilty of misdemeanors, if any crime at all. The state had suspended the program last November.

“During the suspension, we voiced our concerns to [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] and asked them to prove that Secure Communities can and will be implemented as agreed to,” Quinn’s office stated. “After review, we were not satisfied and determined that ICE’s ongoing implementation of Secure Communities is flawed.”

Fox News Latino reports that a number of other states, including Massachusetts and California, have expressed concern over the program. The Bay State was part of the pilot program and it has caused controversy there, according to the news source.