Immigrant Advocates Upset Over Supreme Court Ruling

Immigrant Advocates Upset Over Supreme Court Ruling

Although the Supreme Court ruled on June 25 that three out of four of Arizona’s SB 1070 laws were unconstitutional, one section of Arizona’s immigration policy that was not ruled out by the Supreme Court is also the most controversial. The state’s current immigration reform law still allows law enforcement officials to pull anyone over for traffic stops if they suspect they are living in the United States without legal U.S. citizenship. The section of the bill has been declared unjust by several immigrant advocate groups who say that it fuels racism. Since the law was put into action in July 2010, there have been several arguments made that the laws were making people not want to visit and would drive residents out of the state.

According to CNN, however, the tourism and business industries have been on the rise. Kiva Couchon, the spokeswoman for the Arizona Office of Tourism said that there have been several indicators within the past year that there has been an increase in the tourism industry.

Despite the tourism figures, some immigration advocates have been fighting against the state’s tourism industry. The Director of Immigration for the National Council of La Raza, Clarissa Martinez, helped organize several boycotts on tourism after the law went into effect in 2010. However, since several tighter immigration laws have been turned down by the state, some residents and companies are coming forward attempting to end the discrimination.

“Arizonans are coming together to undo the tarnished image of their state that was inflicted on them by their governor and Senator Pearce,” she told the source.

Several organized protest are scheduled to occur across the nation on July 27, when the law is expected to go into effect.