Immigrant Wife Of U.S. Soldier Arrested After Arizona Traffic Violation

A 22-year-old mother and wife of a U.S. military soldier was detained and threatened with deportation after being stopped for a minor traffic offence in Eloy, Arizona. According to MSNBC, the young mother was driving to the store to purchase paper plates for her 3-year-old daughter’s birthday party, but because of the violation, she was pulled over and asked to provide proof of her residency due to SB-1070.

The Arizona immigration law, which was reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court on April 25, requires law enforcement officials to check records of individuals they believe are in the country illegally without U.S. citizenship.

At the time of her arrest, the young mother was waiting to receive a response from her citizenship application. Although the woman admits she has been living in the country undocumented since age 4, Richard Green, her attorney states that she never should have been arrested because she was able to provide the police with a military spouse ID card – which he said can also be used as proof of legal residency, according to the report.

During her detainment, the woman was transferred to two separate prisons before she was released on April 3.

“She never saw the judge, it’s my understanding that Immigration Customs Enforcement just had a change of heart,” Green told the New York Daily News.

Despite the fact her arrest was a stressful and trying ordeal for the family, her husband, who is stationed in Germany, told MSNBC he is glad it is over with.

“If tomorrow is the day that I deploy, my heart and mind will be at ease and I can contribute more toward completing my mission, which is proudly serving and protecting my country,” he said.