Immigrant Women Not Safe From Deportation

Several undocumented immigrants that reported domestic abuse to authorities have been threatened with deportation over the past year, according to multiple sources.

The reports are stemming from a recent incident where a Colorado woman allegedly was sent to immigration officers after notifying police of a violent incident in her home. After she was turned over to immigration officials, the woman claims she was held in custody for nearly two weeks.

The victim, 30-year-old Virginia Urtusuastegui, told the source she called the police after she sustained a beating at the hands of her husband. After calling the police, Urtusuastegui said she was arrested and detained on an immigration hold. Her husband was never charged, according to the source.

According to immigrant advocates, the woman’s case was not an isolated incident. Rebecca Wallace from the American Civil Liberties Union told Fox News she believes these women’s are an example of flaws within the system. Wallace said a 2006 Colorado state law includes a provision that arrests both domestic violence victims and perpetrators when trying to decipher between the two. Wallace told the source the issue with the process is the victims are subjected to deportation while they are waiting for results.

The claims are coming at a time when the safety of women without U.S. citizenship has been in question. The recent revisions that were made to Vice President Joe Biden’s Violence Against Women Act are unclear in how they will provide support for undocumented immigrants that are victims of domestic abuse, according to The Associated Press.