Immigrant’s Dream Realized When Acquiring Legal U.S. Citzenship

A Las Vegas resident brought to the United States at a young age is now celebrating his newly acquired U.S. citizenship, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Forty-four-year-old Juan Torres was originally born in Guadalajara, Mexico, to a physician mother and a military father. However, after his father died when he was just two years old, his mother started to struggle to provide for Torres and his four other siblings.

At an event hosted by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, Torres told the audience that his mother decided to “test out life in America” after talking with her sister. Once his mother made the decision, she began working as a maid and dishwasher in South Lake Tahoe, California, and Torres and his siblings would migrate to the U.S. every few months to learn English and then travel back to Mexico.

According to the source, after living this lifestyle, Torres decided to move permanently to the United States in 1991, which is where he said he knew he belonged since a young age. Torres said that he had “aspirations too many to count,” and that he knew his dreams were too big for his native country. By living in the United States, he has realized that he would have the resources to make his dreams come true.

Many were touched by his words, which is why Marie Sebrechts, the spokeswoman for United States Citizenship and Immigration Services said she wishes everyone would go to at least one naturalization ceremony, according to the source.

“It gives the other picture of immigration we often forget about: the legal part. We don’t realize how many immigrants are welcomed into this country each year,” she said.

Torres joins many others in the celebration of acquiring U.S. citizenship. On July 4, President Obama swore in 25 soldiers who were native to 17 countries including Mexico, Nigeria and Russia, as United States citizens, according to The Associated Press.