Immigrants from India crossing border illegally from Mexico increasing

Immigrants from India are frequently being found by US border patrols as they attempt to enter the country illegally through Mexico.

According to the Associated Press, thousands of illegal immigrants from India have been smuggled from Central America and Mexico into the US in the last two years. Nearly 2,600 Indian immigrants were detained by border patrol since October 2009. Before 2009, the average detention rate was around 150 to 300 annually.

The rise of illegal Indian immigration through Mexico may be due to a crack down on other passages typically used by Indians to enter the US, such as through airports via student or work visas. Before enforcement became tougher, many were able to use visas from fraudulent universities or companies.

Aiding in the uptick of illegal immigration from India is the fact that Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras don’t require visas for Indians. What started as an incentive to bring Indian investors to these nations has turned into opportunity for human smugglers from Mexico and Central America.

According to the Washington Post, 1.6 million Indians are living in America, and the median family income is $70,708. In India, the population is 1.1 billion.