Immigration Deal Important for Republicans

Immigration advocates remain optimistic that the Republican-led House can reach a deal on legislation. According to The Arizona Republic, Congress is out for August recess and will return September 9. While lawmakers are back in their respective districts, they’ll hold meetings with constituents to measure their feelings on immigration reform.

The source said immigration-rights activities are expected to discuss the significance of their cases with House lawmakers. Business, religious, law-enforcement and labor groups who support immigration reform have already been lobbying to their representatives. Votes on reform could come as early as October and a conference may be held with the Senate in December or early 2014.

House Speaker John Boehner and Representative Paul Ryan have shown an effort to construct a solution for the country’s broken immigration system. The Republic said they also want to address the status of the 11 million undocumented immigrants already living in the U.S. as well as the possibility of a pathway to citizenship. Ryan said immigration bills from the House would include a way to legalize those already here. Many Republicans are changing their stances on immigration in order to develop better relationships with Latinos, something they’ll need to do if they want to win a national election, Sen. John McCain said at a forum hosted by AFL-CIO and the Economic Policy Institute.

“Even, to some degree, you’re beginning to hear House Republicans change their tune,” Rep. Xavier Becerra told the source. “It’s still got a lot of sour notes in it, but at least they are now singing a tune that is talking about possibly getting this done. But it is decision time. We are watching the clock run out.”

McCain believes a comprehensive bill can pass in the House, despite reports that they plan to address the topic in a piecemeal approach. According to ABC News, McCain said if the Republican-led House fails to pass legislation and further push their Hispanic voters away, they’ll never again win a national election.