Immigration Direct Offers Helpful Online Features for Deferred Action

Immigration Direct’s new online feature can help individuals navigate through the complicated deferred action application process.

The deferred action initiative, which started accepting applications on August 15, 2012, includes an expensive application fee and detailed paperwork that must be completed correctly in order to be considered. Any mistakes, such as forgetting to include a signature, failing to provide proper documentation as evidence, or falsifying information, can result in an individual’s paperwork not being accepted by U.S. Customs and Immigration Services.

As applicants will only be able to apply for deferred action once, the Immigration Direct service helps reduce the occurrence of application mistakes that could lead to a rejection. To make the feature accessible and hopefully increase the number of individuals who take advantage of the help, Immigration Direct offers the service both in English and Spanish.

Immigration Direct has developed an online service for prospective applicants, where they can first take the Free Deferred Action Eligibility Quiz to determine if they are eligible for the program. If an individual determines that he or she meets the criteria for consideration, they can choose to pay $99 for step-by-step guidance and instructions in completing the self-directed online application. also offers detailed filing instructions for the I-821D deferred action form and step-by-step instructions to help individuals complete the I-765 work authorization form and I-765WS form that are required to complete a deferred action application.

This article brought to you by Immigration Direct, a trusted resource for matters related to the government’s deferred action program. Take the Free Deferred Action Eligibility Quiz online today.