Immigration Direct Press Release – EMAILED TO CLIENT 3/23

Dealing with the government and its agencies can be a real headache, but sometimes a little information is all one needs to ensure that they are prepared to cut through the bureaucratic red tape.

These issues can be especially prominent for immigrants because not only are they dealing with complicated forms and procedures, but they are also having to handle these obstacles in a different language. Fortunately, Immigration Direct has a range of services, such as educational videos in multiple languages to help those seeking to become a permanent resident in America or earn their US citizenship accomplish their goals.

“We believe that the process of preparing U.S. immigration applications should be easy to understand, simple to complete, and accessible to every qualified person. The purpose of our site is to meet all of those goals,” states the mission of Immigration Direct.

Potential immigrants to the US may seem so overwhelmed with the process that they may feel the need to hire an expensive lawyer to help them out. However, for most people, all they need is a place that has all the relevant information, and Immigration Direct is just that.

They have information about everything a prospective immigrant, citizen or permanent resident might need regarding green cards, US citizenship and every type of visa imaginable such as student visas, work visas, family visas and visitor visas.

Not only is Immigration Direct a resource for information, but they can help with the preparation of essential forms for much less than what an immigration attorney might charge.

They’re like a TurboTax for immigration forms, meaning they can help people deal with complex forms without having to shell out money for a service they might not need.

Immigration Direct isn’t only for non-US citizens, however. They have excellent resources for American citizens including passport information and forms. In addition, they can help US citizens with non-citizen relatives with the process of getting their family into the country.

Another feature of Immigration Direct is that it is a source of the latest immigration news. From the latest changes to laws around the country to vital updates from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, Immigration Direct is on top of the most recent immigration information.

Those who choose to utilize Immigration Direct will find that it has incredibly useful knowledge about the immigration process as well as top-quality customer service to help people with a variety of needs.