Immigration Forms Will Soon Look Different

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently announced it will make changes to immigration and citizenship forms to pave the way for electronic filing.

The affected documents include citizenship and naturalization forms, employment authorizations, asylum requests, permanent resident documents and others, according to a 43-page entry in the Federal Register. As of November 28, 2002, these documents will no longer be labeled with form numbers, to enable electronic filing procedures. However, DHS says it will continue to refer to these forms by number on its website.

Some immigration forms currently include descriptions of how the form is processed or instructions for filing, and these will also be removed. DHS says it will institute “more flexible methods of conveying instructions.” Certain documents will be revised for clarity or to correct out-of-date information.

In the Federal Register, DHS reiterated its commitment to an electronic filing system for immigration-related matters. The department said  its objectives are to enhance security by streamlining file sharing among agencies, make the system more user-friendly and improve efficiency. A recent report said the e-filing project’s initial $535 million budget has already run to $630 million, while the completion date has been rolled back from 2013 to 2022.