Immigration information classes to be held in Massachusetts

Classes intended to help lawful residents attain their US citizenship will begin soon in western Massachusetts.

The Jewish Family Service of Western Massachusetts is sponsoring the classes that will help immigrants through the naturalization process, according to The Republican. Participants will get assistance with studying for the US citizenship test and preparing for naturalization interviews, in addition to general guidance on the entire process.

The $100,000 of funding for the program came to the Jewish Family Service through the Hebrew Immigration Aid Society, which received it from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, reports the news provider.

Program coordinator at Jewish Family Service Robert Radin told the news source that the classes, which will meet once a week for 14 weeks, are part of a pilot program and that if it is successful, similar classes will begin across the country.

Citizenship instructor Lauren Kessler told The Republican that the classes will be interesting and that she looks forward to not only teaching but learning from her students.

Earlier this month an immigration workshop was held in Los Angeles to give immigrants information on the naturalization process.

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