Immigration key to Michigan’s economy, says governor

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is looking to immigration as a way bolster the state’s economy and, in particular, to save the city of Detroit, a metropolis rapidly losing businesses and population, the Detroit News reports.

Community leaders met at Detroit’s Wayne State University to discuss how immigration can positively impact the state’s economy. During Snyder’s speech at the event, he said he believes that highly skilled immigrants can help boost Michigan’s economy and help the state dig itself out of the recent recession.

“Michigan’s been in a crisis and continues to be in a crisis. Now is the time to be proactive,” Snyder said at the conference.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg also participated in the event, communicating through a live video teleconference. Blooomberg reiterated Snyder’s sentiments, adding that immigrants could significantly impact Detroit for the better. If Detroit beings to recruit immigrants to the city, Motor City would not only gain population but create job growth.

“Immigrants make jobs, rather than take them,” Bloomberg explained.

According to the US Census, the population in Mighigan dropped 0.6 percent from 2000 to 2010, while the general US population grew 9.7 percent. Michigan is home to more than 9.8 million residents. In Detroit, the population dropped a staggering 25 percent over those 10 years as 237,500 people left the city.