Immigration Reform May Be Seeing New Light in House

After hearing from House Republicans, the possibility of the House passing broad immigration reform may be on the horizon. According to CBS News, a recent poll showed that immigration supporters have outspent anti-reform groups three-to-one. Some believe immigration’s opposition won’t have the funds to challenge House Republicans who support reform.

Pro-reform House members were able to draw a line after controversial statements were made by Rep. Steven King. Idaho Rep. Raul Labrador criticized the comments and said they were “out of touch with the Republican conference,” CBS reported.

Mindset regarding support for a pathway to citizenship is also changing among Americans. According to CBS, the poll showed that seven in 10 conservatives are willing to accept a pathway to citizenship. Also, 75 percent of evangelical Christians, who make up a large portion of the Republican base, support a pathway for undocumented immigrants to receive citizenship.

Republicans in the House are also growing in support of a path.

“A solid 65 percent majority of Republicans support a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants if it is coupled with substantially increased border security,” according to the poll by Americans for a Conservative Direction.