Immigration Reform Nearing Top Concern

After the fiscal cliff issues are resolved, the focus in Washington is expected to shift dramatically to immigration reform. By creating a quick path to citizenship, or an easier way for individuals to reach full citizenship, government officials make way for immigrants to go about their daily lives with more comfort and stability. A reform is also predicted to give the economy a boost and allow the 11 to 12 million illegal immigrants currently in the country a chance for a better life.

New deferred action plans allow individuals who came to the United States as young children illegally an opportunity to delay their deportation and apply for citizenship. This action makes it possible for those individuals to get a work visa to afford school and be able to pursue a career or start a business down the road. For some illegal immigrants, they do not have a future plotted out because their citizenship is unknown.

“What you’re doing in the short run is making it easier for workers to move between jobs, a relatively small effect,” Gordon Hanson, a professor of economics at the University of California at San Diego told Bloomberg. “The larger effect from eliminating uncertainty for these immigrants is creating incentives for them to make long-term investments in careers, entrepreneurship, education, homes, and community.”

However, some believe that allowing more immigrants to work drives down wages and job opportunities for Americans, although economists believe they serve as a complement to job prospects of native citizens. Immigrants create businesses, new jobs and create new consumers to buy products created by natives. Similarly, because of the language barrier and the various education level of all those seeking jobs, it is unlikely they will be applying to the same ones, according to Bloomberg.

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