Immigration Reform Receives Bipartisan Support

Since the immigration reform bill passed through the Senate earlier this summer, the spotlight has shifted to the House of Representatives and potential opposition the legislation may face when it is voted on in the coming weeks. However, according to newly released data, it appears that Republican leaders are becoming more accepting of the bill, which many believe will lead to its passing.

According to a CBS News poll, seven in 10 conservative leaders say they would be willing to back a path to citizenship for immigrants living illegally in the United States if certain conditions are met. The issue of border security keeps popping up, and many House Republicans remain rigid that this must be addressed before the path to citizenship can really be plausible. For this reason, they are not ready to fully back the $40 billion security legislation passed by the Senate to enhance border security, CBS News explained.

To help move the process along, House Democrats may be ready to make compromises on the bill. While participating in a panel discussion in Virginia’s 10th District, Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill, said that immigration reform is a bipartisan issue that must be a group effort. He also acknowledged the fact that Democrats do not currently hold the majority position, according to the International Business Times.

“We understand that we’re in the minority [in the House] and you, the Republicans, should understand that you lost the referendum on immigration reform on Nov. 6,” Gutierrez said during the panel. “Let’s sit down at the table – people like Paul Ryan and Luis Gutierrez and others – and let’s find an American solution, not a Republican solution, not Democratic solution, an American solution to our tragedy of our broken immigration system here in this country.”