Immigration reform stalls in Florida Senate

The Florida Senate unexpectedly shot down Governor Rick Scott’s immigration reform proposals.

According to the Miami Herald, the state senate voted 23-16 to defeat the institution of the federal E-Verify system. The system is designed to make sure that employees are eligible to work in the U.S. Opponents of the system claim it would hurt many businesses.

Representative William Snyder said that any action this legislative session, which is scheduled to end on Friday, May 6, on immigration reform is now unlikely.

“The process does not really allow for a piece of legislation like this to come in the waning hours,” he told the news source.

The Sunshine State’s attempts at immigration reform have been met with strong protests over the past few weeks.

Immigration has been a contentious issue in many states’ legislative sessions this year. The trend began last year when Arizona introduced a bill aimed at cracking down on illegal immigrants through a number of measures, such as making not having one’s immigration paperwork a crime. Other states, notably Florida, Utah and Georgia, have attempted to pass similar reforms with mixed results.