Indiana Senate committee approves Arizona-style immigration law

An Indiana Senate committee recently passed an Arizona-style immigration law that will require law enforcement officials to inquire about a suspect’s immigration status if they have reasonable suspicion that they are in the country illegally.

According to the South Bend Tribune, the Senate Committee on Pensions and Labor passed the bill 8-1; it will now move on to the upper house’s appropriations committee.

Republican Senator Mike Delph, who authored the bill, told the committee that the legislation is “an attempt to put teeth into existing laws to say the citizens of Indiana welcome legal immigration but adamantly reject illegal immigration.”

However, there were some prominent opponents of the bill, including state Attorney General Greg Zoeller, who said that immigration enforcement is a federal responsibility.

“As the state’s government, we must focus on our own vital role and be realistic about assuming federal enforcement responsibilities when the methods of doing so might be constitutionally suspect or fiscally impractical,” he told the Indianapolis Star.

In addition, some opponents of the bill say that it will cause police to racially profile some suspects and put a huge financial burden on the state.

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