International Students in England Threatened With Deportation

Although many nonnative students attending U.S.-based universities are provided with smaller monetary incentives and often a longer application process, international students here face many of the same challenges as foreign students studying in other countries have. In some cases, university students without U.S. citizenship undergo fewer challenges than they might in other countries.

For example, the London Metropolitan University has lost its “highly trusted status,” which could mean that close to 2,600 international students could be deported from Great Britain. Immigration Minister Damian Green said that in an official survey, the agency found serious problems with the qualifications of many foreign students, The Associated Press reported.

In a significant proportion of cases, students lacked sufficient documentation to prove they had a good standard of English and many also could not prove that they were attending their lectures and classes. Additionally, the sampling showed that more than a quarter of foreign students did not have current permission to be in the United Kingdom.

Students from countries in the European Union do not need student visas but students from the United States and other countries abroad do need legal documentation. The British government has recently implemented stricter guidelines for visas because they found that people with student visas often abuse the system by looking for work instead.

Affected students could be deported if they do not find new sponsors within 60 days of receiving formal notification from the government.

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