Jeb Bush makes bold claims on immigration

Undocumented immigrants currently living within the U.S. and hoping to gain American citizenship are likely paying close attention to the upcoming presidential race. Whoever takes the Oval Office in 2016 will have a great deal of influence over which direction the nation ultimately turns on the hot button issue of comprehensive immigration reform. As it stands now, President Barack Obama has made considerable efforts to use his executive power to pave a clearer, more navigable path for undocumented immigrants to gain protection from deportation and an eventual path to citizenship. While he has received overwhelming support from the Democratic party regarding this stance, many Republicans are strongly opposed to his efforts. It seems that this mentality is also held by many of the current Republican presidential candidates, including Jeb Bush. According to The Hill, Bush recently released campaign statements indicating that he would do everything in his power to overturn Obama’s executive actions if elected to the presidency.

Bush’s comments
Bush, the former governor of Florida, recently appeared on the Michael Medved Show to build support for his presidential bid. While many topics were discussed during his brief television appearance, none seemed to resonate as loudly with Bush as the potential to become more involved with stopping immigration reform. In speaking with Medved, Bush stated that he felt he would be forced to act to overrule Obama’s actions if he was elected. According to The Hill, Bush also made clear that there is a distinct possibility that federal courts will override the actions prior to the next president taking the White House in 2016.

“Yes I would [overturn the presidential executive actions on immigration], it’s possible that by the time the next president arrives the court will overturn those,” Bush said to Medved in his interview.

“This concept of prosecutorial discretion, which is what he’s [Obama] used as the basis for these executive orders, is to look at cases on a case by case basis. He’s had millions of people basically by the stroke of a pen being given temporary status.”

Other action against Obama’s executive order
Obviously, advocates of comprehensive immigration reform are staunchly against any overhaul of Obama’s proposed actions. While these individuals are providing ample support to the president and his administration regarding this volatile issue, they are not without organized opposition. After ordering comprehensive immigration reform through initiatives such as DAPA and DACA, Obama was quickly met with pushback from a group of republican state leaders. Led by a federal judge in Texas, these individuals have assembled a suit against the presidents actions which is currently being backed by more than 25 states. While it’s impossible to know how this action against the president will end, it certainly sets up the next presidential candidate to be walking into an extremely volatile situation when it comes to the nations stance on immigration.

Bush and economic immigration
While Bush seems to have made a strong stance against Obama’s proposed overhaul of domestic immigration policies clear, he may not be averse to all aspects of immigration reform. Breitbart has reported that later in the show Bush alluded to a restructuring of immigration that would place a greater focus on immigration policies with a direct and positive economic impact on the nation, or ‘economic immigration.’

“If we did that [bipartisan immigration reform aimed at economic stability], we would have high, sustained economic growth, if we did it right. We could control the border, which we need to do, we could narrow family petitioning, expand economic immigrants, I would be a catalyst for high, sustained economic growth, which this country desperately needs,” said Bush.