Kansas Secretary of State Gets Load of Backlash from Former Supporters

Many who supported Kris Kobach in his immigration services reformation efforts originally have turned their back on the Kansas secretary of state in recent months.

Kobach, who helped create the current stringent Alabama immigration laws that are deemed so terrible by some that they force undocumented residents to “self-deport,” are now showing to be crippling for the state as well.

Recent reports, coming from both the University of Alabama and the Immigration Policy Center, have shown that Alabama’s GDP could lose a whopping $10.8 million due to its new immigration laws. The IPC study also concluded that the state could lose between $57 million and $264 million in state income and sales tax if it were to lose its large illegal immigrant population.

A recent editorial in the Mobile, Alabama -based news source the Press-Register said that Kobach was only concerned with his own personal image in the process, knowing that the law would gain him some sense of celebrity status.

“Alabama allowed itself to be used as a guinea pig on illegal immigration so that a Kansas lawyer could build his political career,” the editorial said.

According to the editorial, the immigration laws have been especially hard on the state’s auto industries, where foreign executives in the state were arrested and detained. Greatly damaging the image of the state’s industry, which has worked long and hard to befriend foreign auto companies, the state says its immigration laws have had too many damaging repercussions to be called anything close to a success.

However, Kobach continues to stand behind his policies. At the Conservative Political Action Conference, Kobach stated that Arizona’s tough policies have forced thousands of illegal immigrant to voluntary deport themselves, and believes that the state’s $50 million surplus in primary and secondary education systems is largely due to Arizona’s current immigration policies.