Know The Basics Before Applying For A U.S. Visa

Traveling from India and South Asia to study abroad in the United States can be challenging, and many students may wonder how to apply for a visitor visa to the United States. Applicants need to obtain a student visa from the U.S. embassy in their area, which will cover a trip to pursue full-time education at either the graduate or undergraduate level.

The B-2 visitor visa is primarily for students who are traveling to the United States for tourism and wish to take a short course at a local college or university. The student visa is for individuals who will be enrolled in school full-time. There are very specific requirements for applicants, which include acceptance at a school, sufficient funds to attend school, preparation for the course of study and intent to return back to their country of origin after completing the program. These qualifications are determined by the consular office.

Before going to the student visa interview, there are several forms and procedures that need to be completed. The DS-160 form must be completed and a confirmation page with the barcode should be printed around. {reword: seems like a word is missing at the end} A payment needs to be made for the visa application, as well as an online payment for the I-120 form issued by the institute where one is pursuing his or her course of study. An I-901 fee must also be made through the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement website.

During the interview process, one must have a valid passport on hand, as well as any previously issued passports. Other required items include the student’s most recent passport sized photo, a DS-160 confirmation page with bar code, bank receipts with necessary fee transactions, a VFS appointment letter, an I-120 form, and original proof of education, identity and address.