Lawmaker Discusses Immigration at Town Hall Meeting

Virginia Republican Representative Bob Goodlatte met with constituents at a town hall meeting in August County to discuss immigration reform. According to The Hill, immigration advocates were in attendance and posed questions for the representative regarding his opposition to reform.

Goodlatte told voters he wants to increase enforcement of such policies before granting legal status for undocumented immigrants, the source reported. One man in attendance questioned Goodlatte’s stance regarding the Senate’s immigration bill that has border security requirements already written into it and why he wouldn’t take up the legislation.

Although there were more than three dozen advocates in attendance at the town hall meeting, most of the voters at the gathering were in support of Goodlatte. According to the source, Goodlatte supporters applauded his response to addressing visa enforcement, employment verification mandates and guest-worker reform before granting citizenship to the undocumented.

“We have to take this one step at a time,” Goodlatte said of immigration reform. “I think there’s a decent chance that we will take something up, but we have to have enough consensus within the majority, and hopefully we’ll get some support from the minority party as well, to be able to actually move it out of the committee. So we’re going to find out when we get back.”

Dayana Torres, co-founder of Dreamers of Virginia, was brought to the U.S. as a child and ask Goodlatte if he would take up a bill designed to create a pathway to citizenship for children bought to the country illegally, as she was. Goodlatte said that he expects a bill addressing these types of situations soon and that he will take it up when he gets back to Congress, the article stated.