Los Angeles immigration protest draws low number

Although thousands showed up to a May Day immigration protest in Los Angeles, many were disappointed that the turnout did not match previous years.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the protests, which seek to legalize the millions of illegal immigrants in the country, brought hundreds of thousands of people in 2006. Last year, the crowd reached 60,000, which the news source attributes to the controversial immigration laws proposed in Arizona.

However, this year, there were so few people that the police didn’t even issue an estimate of the crowd’s size.

Still the people at the protest were passionate about their own plight and the struggles of other immigrants.

“I was brought here illegally and ever since I’ve been watching my family struggle through many things that have happened to us, from not having a job to living all crowded in an apartment and this and that,” 18-year-old Alex Santos told Southern California Public Radio. “And I’m tired of seeing people living like that so we’re here to fight for making a change, making a difference in our community.”