Los Angeles May Support Voluntary Secure Communities Checks

Los Angeles may support a measure to let local governments in California opt out of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Secure Communities program, reported The Associated Press.

The news source said the City Council is slated to discuss the issue and decide whether to support the state bill, which allows local jurisdictions to decide if they want to participate in the program. If it is approved Los Angeles would join an expanding list of cities and states that have opted out of the program.

The Secure Communities program allows immigration agents to run the fingerprints of arrestees against Homeland Security and FBI criminal history records, according to the ICE. The program aims to improve community safety be deporting illegal immigrants who have been accused of a violent crime.

Some state leaders have spoken out against the program. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick recently refused to endorse it, along with Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. However, an immigration official told the Boston Globe that the US government can still force the states to join the controversial federal program.