Louisiana governor will pass ‘birther’ bill if it reaches his desk

One day after Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a bill that would require presidential candidates to prove their US citizenship to state officials, a spokesman for Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal said he’ll sign his state’s “birther” bill.

Louisiana lawmakers Representative Alan Seabaugh and Senator A.G. Crowe introduced the legislation, which would require US citizenship verification from presidential and congressional candidates, soon after the Arizona legislature passed its own “birther” bill, according to WWLT.com.

Now that Arizona’s governor has vetoed that bill, a spokesman for Jindal said that Jindal will sign Louisiana’s bill if it reaches his desk.

“It’s not part of our package, but if the Legislature passes it we’ll sign it,” Jindal press secretary Kyle Plotkin said, adding that Jindal personally believes President Barack Obama holds US citizenship.

According to USA Today, the controversy regarding whether President Obama is a natural-born citizen persists in some circles despite his insistence that he was born in Hawaii and his having produced a birth certificate that Hawaii officials confirm as legitimate.