Majority of U.S. citizens favor citizenship for undocumented immigrants

According to a recent poll conducted by research company Gallup, about two in three American citizens support a plan to grant undocumented immigrants the opportunity to become U.S. citizens provided they adhere to certain stipulations over time. According to the same survey, considerably fewer Americans are agree with allowing immigrants to stay for a limited time to work (14 percent) or deporting them back to their home countries (19 percent).

A major divide in opinion can be observed when differentiating the political party affiliations of the poll subjects. In fact, 80 percent of Democrats favor the undocumented immigrants becoming citizens, while only 50 percent of Republicans support a path to citizenship. Some Republicans take this stance even further.

“Thirty-one percent of Republicans want to see all illegal immigrants deported, while 18 percent favor allowing them to stay for a limited time to work,” reports Jeffrey M. Jones of Gallup.

Neither party has altered its view drastically in the last decade, but recent Republican presidential candidates seem to be taking their views on the controversial issue to the extreme. Donald Trump has proposed a mass deportation of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants that wold cost almost $500 billion. In addition, Chris Christie suggested tracking non-citizens of the U.S. with bar code chips to monitor their movements.

Regardless of the stances of political leaders, the majority of average American citizens are in support of helping undocumented immigrants make the transition to becoming U.S. citizens.