Man Faces Deportation After Seeking Asylum

A 28-year-old Nigerian man is facing deportation is being held in a Kenosha, Wisconsin, detention center.

Eugene Peba was arrested on May 3 after his attempt to obtain a green card was denied by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Gail Montenegro, spokeswoman for the Chicago office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, told the Chicago Tribune that Peba has had an outstanding deportation order against him since he moved to the United States 2005 and is considered an immigration fugitive.

Peba, originally part of the Ogani tribe most famously known for protesting the Shell corporation for drilling petroleum on their land, has argued that he first came to America in to seek political asylum and feared for his life if he were to be deported. However, court documents present a different story. The documents show that immigration officials have questioned whether Peba was being honest as to why he fled his country to America.

When he arrived to America, he was detained at Los Angeles’ San Pedro Processing Center for two years for providing a fake British passport. Peba had allegedly told the court his parents had been killed in 2000. However, records show that he was writing letters and calling them in Nigeria – shortly after, a judge denied him a green card after detecting several other inconsistencies in his story.

The team working on behalf of Peba have deemed his arrest unnecessary and are fighting against it. Peba’s representatives told the source that Peba should have never been arrested because he was in the process of appealing the decision made by the immigration services.

While in the United States, Peba has mad no criminal charges. He currently works two jobs in nursing homes and is taking night classes to further his education and certification, according to Immigration Connect.