Mexican actress gets jail for immigration, marriage fraud

A Mexican actress was recently sentenced to spend time in jail in an immigration marriage fraud case.

A federal judge sentenced Fernanda Romero and her husband, Kent Ross, to each spend 15 weekends in jail, according to the Los Angeles Times.

An affidavit filed by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel claimed that Romero had paid Ross $5,000 to marry her so that she could gain access to a number of potential benefits. Spouses of US citizens become legal residents and can eventually obtain US citizenship themselves.

Authorities said that Romero and Ross, who is a musician and also a pizza delivery man, filed documents containing false statements regarding their addresses and how long the actress had lived in the US, according to the news provider.

“I am sorry for what I did,” Romero reportedly said in court following her sentencing.

The Associated Press reports that Romero has had a number of small roles in some US films such as “Drag Me to Hell” but is most widely recognized for her part in the Mexican soap opera “Eternamente Tuya.”