Michigan House Proposes New Immigration Reform Bills

Michigan’s House of Representatives is expected to review two immigration reform bills this week that would toughen the state’s immigration protocol, according to multiple reports.

One of the bills would require state employers to use the federal E-Verify system to check a prospective worker’s citizenship status before they are employed. Businesses that do not follow the procedure would have their ability to conduct business with government agencies revoked for a year.

The bill’s sponsor, Representative Dave Agema, claims the measure will benefit lawful Michigan residents who are losing jobs to undocumented workers.

“They’re highly into the construction business, road crews. They’re into roofing, dry wall. And they’re taking jobs from Michigan citizens,” Agema said regarding the situation, according to published reports.

Another measure would give law enforcement officials the authority to request proof of U.S. citizenship from suspected illegal aliens.

However, the immigration laws are likely to face strong opposition. In May, Governor Rick Snyder said an Arizona-style immigration law would “encourage a divisive atmosphere” in Michigan and would damage the state economy.