Milford Selectmen Want Meeting with Federal Immigration Agency

The controversy surrounding the death last month of 23-year-old Matthew Denice of Milford, Massachusetts, continues to unfold, as the town’s board of selectmen recently requested a meeting with U.S. immigration officials.

Denice was killed after his motorcycle was struck by an alleged drunk driver who police identified as an unlicensed, illegal Ecuadorian immigrant.

The death galvanized the community. Protesters recently gathered outside a meeting between Ecuadorian officials and the town’s selectman, while the victim’s family called on Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick to institute the Secure Communities program, through which state law enforcement organizations provide fingerprints of arrested individuals to federal immigration enforcement agencies that can initiate deportation proceedings.

The board of selectmen has requested that officials from the Immigration Customs and Enforcement agency come to Milford.

“We need to explain to them in very explicit and frank terms what is going on in the town of Milford,” Selectman Brian Murray told the Milford Daily News. Selectman William Buckley told the paper that ICE officials should meet with local business owners to stress it is illegal to hire immigrants who do not have a work permit.

Of the roughly 25,000 residents of Milford, town officials estimate 2,000 are Ecuadorians, NPR recently reported.