Missouri Town Takes Hard-Line Immigration Stance

The city council of O’Fallon, Missouri, located just west of St. Louis County, recently passed a resolution to designate O’Fallon a “rule of law” city with respect to immigration.

In contrast to sanctuary cities like Los Angeles and New York City, which forbid law enforcement officers or public employees from asking individuals about their legal standing to be in the country, rule of law cities pursue strict immigration enforcement policies and make efforts to determine residents’ citizenship status.

Among other provisions, the O’Fallon resolution states the city will not provide public benefits to illegal immigrants and will not “hinder or restrict” communication between city employees and federal agencies regarding the immigration status of individuals. It also requires any business contracting with the city for more than $5,000 to use the federal E-Verify database to confirm its employees all have a work permit or are otherwise authorized to take jobs in the United States.

The O’Fallon vote was held shortly after the city council of Springfield, Missouri, split its votes on whether to adopt an E-Verify law. Springfield residents will now decide the matter at the polls next winter or spring.