More Visas Needed for Chinese Business People, Biden Says

During his recent trip to China, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said the U.S. visa application process should be reformed to encourage more Chinese business people to travel to the United States.

On August 19, the vice president addressed a U.S.-China business roundtable in Beijing. He said that to foster cooperation between Chinese and American business leaders, the visa process must be reformed.

He reiterated this idea a few days later during a speech at Sichuan University, saying it takes too long for Chinese citizens to obtain visas.

While Biden has pledged to streamline the visa application process for Chinese citizens, U.S. embassies in other Asian countries have recently taken steps in that direction.

In July, the embassy in Manila announced a visa reissuance program. Under this program, Filipinos whose visas are still active or expired within the last year can have them reissued without going through the usual interview process, if they meet certain criteria.

The American embassy in New Delhi recently announced increased funding for EducationUSA advising centers at the U.S.-India Educational Foundation, as well as other steps for easing the visa application process for Indian students who want to study in the United States.