Nebraska schools turn page on “green card” incident

It's been nearly a year since an ugly racial incident took place during a high school soccer game in Nebraska and the Lincoln Journal Star reports that the schools are working to move past it.

Last year, students from the mostly white Lincoln East High School held up fake "green cards" during a soccer game against heavily Hispanic Omaha South, in an apparent reference to the opposing players' immigration status. Students from Omaha South recently visited Lincoln East to help get beyond the stereotypes that they may have had.

"I felt like we were bridging the gap between East and Omaha South," Omaha South senior Jesse Ortiz told the news source. "We turned something that was negative last year into something positive, by trying to really get to know each other."

The news provider reports that the events at Lincoln East included a lunch of chicken fingers and salsa dancing lessons.

The Associated Press reports that about 88 percent of Lincoln East students are white and that 60 percent of Omaha South students are Hispanic.

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