NYC mayor: Immigrants contribute to city

The mayor of New York City recently spoke out on the national immigration debate, pointing out that immigrants make large contributions to the city.

Michael Bloomberg said that immigrants contribute about $200 billion to New York City’s economy each year, reports Reuters. The mayor also said that immigrants comprise more than 30 percent of the city’s professional and managerial work force.

The mayor said that immigrants make up 46 percent of workers in New York City who are residents, even though they only account for 36 percent of the city’s population.

“They come here to work; this is not a country where it’s easy to come and put your feet up,” the mayor said.

Bloomberg also talked about how immigrants who come to America and complete graduate school should be rewarded with a US green card.

“Stapling a green card to a diploma would be a very smart thing to do and I’ve always thought that,” he said.

Bloomberg’s comments come as the immigration debate in the US rages, with many state legislatures proposing laws that opponents say would hurt economic activity and lead to racial profiling.