Officials Urge Deferred Action Applicants To Be Wary of Scams

With the deferred action program beginning in a few days, many people are still speculating over the misinformation and ambiguity surrounding a recent Department of Homeland Security announcement, according to the Statesman Journal.

Individuals who are planning to apply for deferred action are being warned against so-called “immigration consultants” who pose as immigration experts but are not actually legal consultants. With over a million people expected to apply to the program, government representatives have voiced concerns that there may be a high incidence of immigration exploitation.

“It would be naïve to assume the deferred action adjudication process will be wholly benevolent and forgiving, or to ignore DHS’ track record in other discretionary programs, particularly given the outspoken opposition from representatives of some employees within the agency,” immigration expert Lory Rosenberg wrote in a recent blog post.

In an effort to protect the residents of New York, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has pledged to fund the addition of a team of immigration lawyers to the state’s immigrant organizations to help more immigrants through the deferred action process, reported the source.

Even with the potential for scams, immigrants are urged to seek legitimate legal aid when applying for deferred action.

“Yes, you could probably fill the paperwork out yourself, but even in the best of circumstances, there is never a guarantee that just because you’re a good person and have no legal problems in your past it’s going to work out for you,” Rosenberg said.

The U.S. Customs and Immigration Services website provides information for those worried about illegitimate legal advice. Among other guidelines, USCIS states that paying an extra fee for expedited processing is not part of the program, and experts and officials who make this claim are scamming for extra money.

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