Oklahoma school hosts naturalization ceremony

A school in Oklahoma recently hosted a US naturalization ceremony that saw 35 people from 18 countries around the world receive US citizenship.

Fifth- and sixth-graders at Jenks East Intermediate School were on hand for the ceremony, according to the Tulsa World. A student choir even performed patriotic songs for the newest Americans.

U.S. Chief Bankruptcy Judge Terrence L. Michael was one of two judges on hand at the event and he said that having such ceremonies in schools provides an excellent learning experience for the students.

"When I do this in schools, I always see when the students 'get it,'" he told the news source.

The participants came from countries around the globe, including Lebanon, the country that Abeer Abdo Elqutt used to be a citizen of. She now says she is thrilled to be an American.

"I am so excited to become an American citizen," she told the news source. "There is more opportunity, more education, and freedom here. You have the right to say what you think."

In order to become a US citizen, one must be of good character and pass a test about American history and civics, among other requirements.