Orlando Cabrera Misses Game to become US Citizen

Major League Baseball player Orlando Cabrera missed a May 20 game with his team, the Cleveland Indians, in order to attend a naturalization ceremony that made him an official US citizen.

Cabrera, who is originally from Columbia, had been been studying for his citizenship test for months. He traveled to his adopted home state of South Carolina to participate in the ceremony.

Manny Acta, the manager of the Indians, told the source that Cabrera is excited to become a US citizen and predicts it will be a “great” moment for him.

“We all appreciate the type of life that you can live here with all the freedom and all the security we have here. It’s going to be a great moment for him,” he said.

Acta, who was born in the Dominican Republic, was naturalized in 1999.

Cabrera has played for multiple professional baseball teams, including the Boston Red Sox, the Los Angeles Angels and the Chicago White Sox. Cabrera helped the Red Sox win the 2004 World Series, a feat the team had not accomplished since 1918.