PBS Plans Documentary On Latino Americans For Fall 2013

Producer Adriana Bosch is creating a documentary about Latinos in America, which will air on PBS in the fall of 2013. Bosch, who previously produced a documentary on Latin music, mentioned to The Associated Press that while there have been series done on African-Americans, Jewish and the Irish, one has yet to be done about Latino-Americans.

“I thought this was a story whose time had come, had come a long time ago. I was surprised that it hadn’t been done,” Bosch told the AP. “Latinos have been part of American history since before there were 13 colonies.”

The majority of the documentary will feature the Mexican-American experience, however, it will also encompass the experiences of several other Latino countries and their contributions to modern day America.

By creating this bilungual documentary, the idea is that it will bring about conversation about the contributions and achievements of Latino-Americans. The documentary is being produced in a time where there is much conversation regarding the topics of immigration and U.S. citizenship.

In addition to Bosch, the documentary will contain contributions from a 15 other producers as well as a group of academics from across the country, the AP reported. The aim of this documentary is to inform and educate both Latino and non-Latinos about this rich history in America.

The six-hour series, which will be shown in two, three-hour segments, is being developed in both the Spanish and English languages in order to reach out to a broad spectrum of the public.

“For the first time, the full story will be told: how millions of immigrants from the rich array of Latin American origins have shaped and been shaped by their adopted country,” Patricia Boero, executive director of Latino Public Broadcasting and co-executive producer of the series explained on the LPB website.