Pennsylvania Legislature to Debate Controversial Immigration Bill

The Pennsylvania State Government Committee recently approved the Professional Licensees Illegal Employment Act, which stipulates that employers who hire undocumented workers could have their professional licenses revoked, even for a first-time offense. The measure will next be debated by the state’s house of representatives.

“As long as our state and national borders remain open to illegal alien labor, the free market laws of supply and demand will frustrate the private sector’s best efforts to create more family-sustaining jobs for legal Americans,” the bill’s sponsor, Republican Rep. Mike Mustio, said in a news release.

Opponents of the measure said it does not specify how enforcement will be carried out. The ranking Democrat on the State Government Committee, Rep. Babette Josephs, warned that large institutions like universities and hospitals could be at risk if the law is enacted, Fox News Latino reported.

Physicians, accountants, cosmetologists, nursing home administrators and landscape architects are among the many licensed professionals the law would affect.

This act is part of a larger immigration reform bill called “National Security Begins at Home.” Rep. Mustio recently advocated for the bill in an introduction he wrote to a report entitled, “Invasion PA,” which argued that illegal immigrants in the state are responsible for crimes ranging from property theft to terrorism.