Preparing For The K-1 Visa Application Process

In the United States, the K-1 visa allows foreign nationals to move to the United States to marry his or her U.S. citizen fiancée. Also known as the fiancée visa, the process for getting approved is very in-depth and can be sidetracked by the slightest mistake. Staying informed throughout the application process and understanding the major pitfalls couples face will provide the greatest chance of receiving approval, according to U.S. Politics Today.

The most common reason that fiancée visa petitions are rejected is that they are submitted incomplete. With many strict eligibility requirements, including intention to marry within 90 days of acceptance and proof that the couple has met in person at least once in the two-year period surrounding the petition, many couples do not supply sufficient documentation to create a legitimate case, as outlined on the USCIS website. When applying for a K-1 visa, make sure to carefully look at the USCIS website to understand what information is required for approval.

After an initial application is reviewed, the next step, an interview with the U.S. consulate, is considered the most important part of the process. The couple meets with immigration officers who ask about the partnership to look for inconsistencies and sham marriages. Questions cover the nature of the relationship and knowledge about the partner’s life history to ensure that there is a legitimate romantic relationship, according to immigration experts. To avoid a rejection, U.S. Politics Today suggests meeting with an immigration lawyer who can help deconstruct and explain the interview process and ensure that the couple feels comfortable when being questioned.

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