President Obama Meets Mexico’s President-Elect To Discuss Major Issues

President Barack Obama will meet with Mexico’s President-elect, Enrique Pena Nieto, in the White House to discuss the major domestic issue of immigration. Nieto will lead Mexico for the next six years, and the two will discuss a range of bilateral, regional and global issues in their meeting on November 27, 2012, according to David Jackson’s recent USA Today article.

“The President looks forward to meeting President-elect Nieto and hearing about his vision for leading Mexico over the next six years,” the White House schedule noted. “The United States remains committed to work in partnership with Mexico to increase economic competitiveness in both countries, promote regional development, advance bilateral efforts to develop a secure and efficient 21st century border and address our common security challenges.”

After President Obama secured a second term in office largely by gaining the support of the Latino community, his administration is working toward comprehensive immigration reform. Officials hope to increase border security and provide a clearer path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already residing in the United States. President Obama will discuss these issues with Nieto in the hopes of forming an agreement or program between the United States and Mexico, the source reported.

As illegal immigration and organized crime violence are finally on the decline in Mexico, officials believe that leaders in the two countries can collaborate to combat large scale economic issues, including job creation, according to Andrew Selee and Christoper Wilson’s CNN article.

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