Presidential Debates Lack Discussion On Immigration Policies

The vice presidential debate on October 11, 2012, covered many important issues facing the upcoming presidential election. After immigration was not mentioned during the first presidential debate in Denver, Colorado, many people are wondering why the VP debate moderator also did not address the candidates’ immigration policies.

Immigration can be treated as both a domestic and foreign issue, with more than 12 million undocumented individuals currently living in the United States. However, experts believe that because immigration issues are a primary issue for most American citizens, they are not discussed as often as other issues like Medicare, auto bailouts and abortion, NBC Latino reported.

President Obama created the deferred action for childhood arrivals program to help offer temporary relief to the nation’s younger illegal immigrant, which was highly criticized by the Republican Party. Thus, immigration was a very important factor in the Republican primary race and should have been discussed in the presidential debates.

“It was interesting, and I believe unfortunate,” Shannon O’Neil, senior fellow for Latin American Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, told NBC Latino. “You saw the candidates appeal to senior citizens, and to women at the end, but it’s somehow surprising that Latinos have such a potential to choose the next President, and yet there was no appeal to this community.”

Immigration is one of the most contentious issues facing United States politics today, and experts believe that to carry the important Latino vote, the political parties must address the issues head on.

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