Proposed Arizona bill would deny automatic citizenship to children of illegal immigrants

Legislators in Arizona recently proposed a new bill that they hope will further crackdown on illegal immigrants.

Last year, Arizona entered the national immigration debate by passing a controversial law that in part requires police to question suspects’ immigration status if they believe they are in the country illegally. Now, lawmakers want to deny automatic citizenship to children born in the U.S. to illegal immigrants, according to The Associated Press.

Republican Representative John Kavanagh proposed the bill and said that such automatic citizenship, which is guaranteed by the 14th Amendment in the U.S. Constitution, is arbitrary.

“It’s irresponsible and foolish to bestow citizenship based upon one’s GPS location at birth,” he said.

The news source reports that Arizona isn’t the first state to go after automatic citizenship, as a similar piece of legislation was recently filed in Indiana by Republican Representative Eric Koch.

If such legislation is enacted, it will be even more crucial that immigrants have proper documentation to ensure that they and their children do not face deportation. 

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